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Costa Blanca, San Fulgencio La Marina

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Mystery Play of Elche

The Misterio de Elche, in English the Mystery Play of Elche, is a liturgical drama dating from the Middle Ages, which is enacted and celebrated in the Basilica de Santa Maria in the city of Elche on 14 and 15 August of each year. In 2001, UNESCO declared it one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It commemorates the Assumption of Mary.

Celebrations of the Costa Blanca

If there is a trait that describes the 415 festivities, it's undoubtedly the ability they have to appeal to all audiences and convert them by mere participation in "protagonists". The Costa Blanca is rich in folklore, celebrations and traditions. No doubt, the Moors and Christians is the celebration where everyone participates. It recreates the Middle Ages celebrating the Christian reconquest of the land that the Arabs ruled for several centuries. Alcoy is the village where these festivals are the most important and ostentatious, but similar events take place throughout the province. It is also worth mentioning the Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante, as well as the famous Alborada on 13 August in Elche. Throughout the year the specialists are building huge cardboard figures, which are burned in a purifying fire on the night of June 24. Also noteworthy are Easter celebrations.